“Thank you again for gathering ALL the info you did to make my workouts as clear as possible. Everything is going well and each day I am becoming more and more familiar and comfortable with the TRX Suspension Straps and the Rip Trainer. What a difference a year makes. I have been seeing you for almost a year, what a HUGE difference you have made in my life, my weight, my mobility, nutrition, and attitude. I owe you everything. The work you have done with me is the reason I am moving SO much better. Can’t wait to see you again!”
~ Nancy Soyster

“Had to write to thank you for yesterday’s session. It was not only fun and not too difficult but effective! I’m surprised at how much we worked the muscles and how effortless it felt, yet I am sore! I feel my glutes, back and biceps. I’m having my reality shift from thinking I need to kill myself to get results to ease and allowing and still getting results. Being kind to myself. Thank you not only for your masterful expertise and encouragement but also for the intangible space you hold for transformation of beliefs that are the foundation for real change and paradigm shifts. Not many can do that. I am moved and so grateful I found you. You are my inspiration for allowing myself to have success in powerful new and easy ways. Thanks Nancy.”
~ Kim Clark

“I am really happy with the quick and intense improvement I have seen in my fitness. You are a goddess! What we have been doing is really helping my running a lot. My turns were so much more effective last weekend because my rotation through my core was stronger. I felt so fast and strong at class last night. I could feel how much stronger and faster I was moving. It was really exhilarating. I couldn’t be happier…”
~ Betsey Lynch

“I’m loving working with you. I’m getting a lot out of it. I can definitely feel my body changing and moving away from all the problems that I’ve been having. I referred you to a guy that fights in the amateur division of mixed martial arts. You’re actually the only trainer that I’ve ever met that I would consider referring.”
~ Larry Ehrhardt