"Nancy is a ray of hope for me! I've been dealing with back/body pain for a number of years, and in just a few short weeks, I am well on my way to doing the activities that I love most in this world and living life pain-free. My career in the fire service of over 21 years had taken its toll on my body, and Nancy has come to my rescue. My pain levels are down, and my strength/flexibility has improved tremendously.  I have been to multiple doctors/physical therapists over the years and have never received the care that Nancy has given me; she is a true joy to work with."  ~Guy, 40

“After going to Physical Therapy a few years ago, I knew I needed something in between rehab and individual workouts at the gym. After years of asymmetrical movement and work as a Chiropractor, my body was a strong but functional movement mess. I could power my way through most things as my work is quite physical. Physical therapy got my most glaring problems going in the right direction, though I was far from ready to hit the gym. As someone who, at a point in my life, had cycled about 150 miles a week and played sports, I knew the value of a strong body that moved through all ranges of motion powerfully and balanced. I might have been able to lift a hundred-pound bag onto my shoulder but could not pivot on my left side and make certain muscles fire that should protect my back and body. I searched high and low and went to more than several trainers prior to finding Nancy. All the other trainers ran me through their usual protocols and kept asking me if it was bothering my injury. Nancy actually does an assessment to find out how your body moves or more likely doesn’t. She then formulates a program specifically for you and your goals. She is exceptionally well versed in many modalities and uses them wisely to move you through challenges you don’t even know you have yet! She personalizes each program and workout to you, not just let’s do the same ole same ole rehash of what every client gets. She listens well and will modify anything that is needed to reduce any chance of injury or re-injury, and that I found is indeed unique and special! She is a fantastic movement specialist who keeps you motivated, on track and helps you reach your goals if you are willing to show up and do the work!"  ~Dr. Leah, D.C. 55


"Nancy has been the most positive and motivating trainer I have ever had! She is extremely knowledgeable and is very generous in sharing her knowledge. She has educated me not only as to how to build strength but how to be aware of my posture and everyday movements so as to enjoy my activities pain free. She has always made me feel that she really truly cares not only about my fitness but me as a person. She is very respectful of my wishes regarding my fitness goals. Her passion for her work and for helping others shines. She has kept me consistent with my workouts and helped to stay active through several injuries. I have osteoporosis and she has tailored my workout to challenge me while keeping me safe. I feel so fortunate to have found her and highly recommend her."  ~Christina, 63

"Nancy has been training me since 2017. She is the most knowledgeable, skilled fitness trainer I have ever met. Nancy gives significant thought to developing a program that considers all aspects needed to ensure the client meets his/her personal expectations. I have experienced multiple orthopedic issues during the time frame Nancy has been helping me stay active and fit. She consistently modifies my program, keeping the forefront in mind to "do no harm" but do what will be good for one's body.  Nancy is a very special person, demonstrated in the way she prepares for training sessions, teaches, and demonstrates new exercises.  I feel very fortunate to have found Nancy and am grateful for all her sage advice.   ~Gladys 80

“I have been working with Nancy for over two years. I was apprehensive about beginning a program and being able to stick with it. That has not been a problem since Nancy is a total professional and a great motivator. She tailors each workout session to my abilities and adjusts to my preferences. I look forward to my weekly sessions and hope to increase!"  ~Leslie, 67

“Thank you again for gathering ALL the info you did to make my workouts as clear as possible. Everything is going well, and each day I am becoming more and more familiar and comfortable with the TRX Suspension Straps and the Rip Trainer. What a difference a year makes. I have been seeing you for almost a year. What a HUGE difference you have made in my life, my weight, my mobility, nutrition, and attitude. I owe you everything. The work you have done with me is the reason I am moving SO much better. Can’t wait to see you again!”  ~Nancy Soyster

“Had to write to thank you for yesterday’s session. It was not only fun and not too difficult but effective! I’m surprised at how much we worked the muscles and how effortless it felt, yet I am sore! I feel my glutes, back, and biceps. I’m having my reality shift from thinking I need to kill myself to get results to ease and allowing and still getting results. Being kind to myself. Thank you not only for your masterful expertise and encouragement but also for the intangible space you hold for the transformation of beliefs that are the foundation for real change and paradigm shifts. Not many can do that. I am moved and so grateful I found you. You are my inspiration for allowing me to have success in powerful new, and easy ways.
Thanks, Nancy.”  ~Kim Clark

“I am really happy with the quick and intense improvement I have seen in my fitness. You are a goddess! What we have been doing is really helping my running a lot. My turns were so much more effective last weekend because my rotation through my core was stronger. I felt so fast and strong at class last night. I could feel how much stronger and faster I was moving. It was really exhilarating. I couldn’t be happier…”
~ Betsey Lynch

“I’m loving working with you. I’m getting a lot out of it. I can definitely feel my body changing and moving away from all the problems that I’ve been having. I referred you to a guy that fights in the amateur division of mixed martial arts. You’re actually the only trainer that I’ve ever met that I would consider referring to.”

~Larry Ehrhardt